Not as tricky as you might think!

Choosing the size of your cage is exciting! How long should it be...or even how short!? What kind of locking mechanism, what kind of material and design? Discussing this with your partner forms part of the experience but whilst these questions make for lively debate or negotiation, the one thing you and your key holder want to get right is the size of the ring.Too small and it can cut off circulation around the base of your penis, too large and it could slip off when you least expect it. When it fits just right you will have something that stays securely on you whether soft or aroused (as much as you can be when caged) without cutting off circulation to those parts or becoming painful.


All of our 88 EightyEightme with the option of a small 40mm, medium 45mm or large 50mm ring. We're all different shapes and sizes and there is no one size fits all but these three sizes offer a good range of options for most. Some of the rings are very much that, a perfect circle. 

 You'll will see other cages in the range though that are a little more oval in shape. These ones offer a different kind of fit one which some would say fit a little more snugly to the body. By comparison a 45mm in this style might be a little more narrow than a 45mm circular ring, but will tend to make up for it in being a little taller. This kind of variation really does come down to personal preference.


Some will tell you to compare the length of the cage to your flaccid length however the length of the cage really doesn't matter as everyones purpose of the cage will differ.  Far more important is to get the correct ring size and then determine the style and length of the cage according to the aims of yourself and your key holder.  

Our micro chastity cages are a good example of this, extremely few would naturally fit a cage a mere 1 inch in length, for the vast majority it provides a challenging squeeze, but that is in essence the point of such a cage.  So whether a punishment cage, a general use cage which may be more comfortable, a cage which has gaps in it to allow more teasing, the choice is yours to enjoy!



You may already have a rough idea of what size will fit you best but should you be a first timer or trying for a new size, grab a measuring tape and get ready to do some maths!
1. Place the tape behind the testicles and run it around the base of the penis

2. Take a read of the measurement and divide by 3.14 to get the diameter which is the measurement of our ring sizes.  

3. If measuring when flaccid then keep in mind that blood flow to the area will lead to some general enlargement so if between sizes we would advise rounding up so as to avoid a ring too tight.