Relax and lock it up


Worried about someone turning up to your with a box labelled "CHASTITY CAGE" (!), well don't.  We appreciate that this isn't likely to be something you wish to shout from the roof tops and so we operate in a way to keep everything discreet.  Your cage will typically ship in a non descript brown cardboard box whilst the transaction will appear on your bank account or credit card statement as SP-CC.  So yes...whilst you might want your wife to find out, we won't be giving the secret up for you!

Shipping Information

We liaise and work with a wide number of cage makers, and coordinate dozens of shippings on a daily basis, delivering world wide. Our shipping will use a mixture of local carriers to fulfil delivery at a low cost in order to provide free shipping to locations worldwide.

Delivery Time

Delivery time varies country to country. For the USA & Canada, orders will typically take 7-14 days from point of order whilst European destinations such as France, Spain and the UK tend to take 10-20 days. Please keep this in mind when ordering.